Alex Rossington's New Perspective

My trip to Uganda not only helped me gain new perspective on the world, but also in my own life. I was able to see the world through a lens outside of the one I had grown up in. I began to see it in a way which showed me the importance of community, friendship, and love. Being able to engage in the exchanging of different cultures was an experience I will not soon forget. The people I met along the journey are ones I will forever hold near and dear to my heart. They each showed me how easy it can be to love and care for one another, something I feel is lost in my day to day life. Interacting with the students, faculty, children, parents, and village members proved to me how universal love is. I will never be able to explain the love I have for every single person I met in Uganda. It is an intangible feeling of care that cannot be expressed in words. I feel beyond blessed to have been given this opportunity to join the Uganda 2018 trip as a team leader. I cannot wait to help lead the next generation of Rural to Rural students as well as having the chance to re-visit my second home of Kanungu, Uganda.

Susan Weber