Uganda Bound


As I entered into Sue's house, I immediately fell into a state of nostalgia. All around me, suitcases laid sprawled open, awaiting to be filled with a variety of school supplies, musical instruments, and toys. Here we were once again, a year later, preparing suitcases filled with items which will brighten the lives of so many deserving children. Each member of our team, from the adults to the youth, were all eagerly organizing each suitcase with beaming smiles. In this moment, it all becomes real; we are leaving in just two short days. Bound for the land which changed the lives of those from last year and which will do the same to those who are joining in on the adventure this year. While the suitcases are being filled to the brim, everyone begins to enagage in chatter of what is to come. I began to speak on topics spanning from the environment to what it will be like crossing the border. Being the experienced one among us, they all looked to me to tell them what to expect. After multiple questions were asked, Sue looked to me and said, "Don't tell them too much, they need to experience for themselves. They need to go in without expectations in order to truly gain the deepest experience." I agreed and looked to the group, "She's right. Be ready for the experience of your lives, one that will forever change you." As the hustle and bustle died down, people soon began to gather around the suitcases so we could take a photo. With one click, a photo was captured and we began to disperse once more. These were the final moments before we launched out into an adventure we would not soon forget. Hope to see you check in tomorrow, here we go!

We are overwhelmed by the generosity of so many, especially Genesee Valley Ranch (Palmaz family), the Nadu Family, and the people of Plumas County. 


- Journal Entry: Alex Heth-Rossington, Team Leader

Susan Weber