Dancing in the Rain


Today gave dancing in the rain a whole new meaning. The day started off hot and humid. We had just finished breakfast when we were told we were getting to visit Gerald’s local coffee plantation. We all loaded into a van and started the short journey. We were greeted by the production manager, Peter. He explained what he does and the basics of the plants. I noticed the huge green buckets and realized we would be doing more than just touring the operation. We spent the next two hours in the scorching hot sun racing each other while picking coffee bean fruit. It soon got very competitive and we were stealing handfuls out of each others buckets and picking the delicious red fruit as fast as we could. They were much sweeter than I would have ever imagined. Once we had picked a fair amount, we went to the processing unit of the plantation. Suddenly rows and rows of coffee beans in different stages of process came into view. After learning about the complicated process we actually got to do all of the steps and help do the work. It made me realize that every machine and technological advance we were so used to, were hardly necessary. Almost everything was done by hand, including the transportation of the beans. We all jumped into line and carried the large buckets of beans on our heads to start the drying process. After seeing one of the most technologically advanced wineries in America, and then traveling to Africa and see a coffee plantation, I noticed how equally impressive they were but in completely different ways. One using technology to each every use and the other showing just how impressive humans can be. Exhausted from all of the work, we went back to the Inn and spent the rest of the day enjoying the warm weather. As quickly as the day became hot, the sky was dark and overcast and showed signs of rain. It poured for a good 10 minutes and we all went out and enjoyed the cool rain on our sunburnt bodies. Turning on music we played volleyball in the dark, which was very dangerous, and started dancing. It was a great end to another amazing day in a beautiful place. 

Grace Kingdon