Good Friday


I began my day before dawn standing on a high mountain watching the brightest red tinted moon begin to set. Time and sleep have yet to catch up for me here and my adrenaline has kicked into full force. My plan for the day, being Good Friday, was to be disciplined about my Lenten intentions, fasting, and residing in personal solitude. Of course if you know me, you will know this to be a real challenge, especially when the atmosphere here is calling me to be anything but quiet and alone. After a time of solitude and prayer, I began to notice a shift in the energy around me. As I looked into the distance, all I could see was a vast array of wooden crosses being held in the air. Before I could physically see the large gathered group of believers, my soul knew these people were ones basting in the spirit of this holy holiday. The sounds of joyous voices filled the air, breaking the silence. I encouraged our group to go and see and possibly partake in the holy festivities. When the group of believers passed by us, I was overtaken with raw uncontrollable emotion. This simple act of processing may have been an ordinary act of faith to them, however to me it was the most extraordinary thing I had ever experienced. I soon became the spectacle of their attention as I began to be overwhelmed by tears. A young boy motioned for me to follow the procession. Knowing that I could not join in, left me brokenhearted. Later in the day on his way home from church, he stopped by and we were able to capture this moment together. Being able to take a photo with this young boy left me feeling hopeful for the coming of Easter. Although I intended to spend today within my own solitude, God’s plan for me was the complete opposite. Rather than silence and personal reflection, I was easily enveloped into the life of the people who brought a physical tangibility to the spirit.

Alisha Carmichael