Our Vision

Creating a place to unlock the creative capacity in every person to believe that they can change their world.


From one rural community to another, I am humbled and honored to have the opportunity to unleash the creative capacity in each person in order to provide a powerful and effective voice for and support to rural communities throughout the world in order to create a more flourishing, equitable, harmonious, and stable society.

From my wonderful home town of Lancaster, PA to the streets of the Bronx's, Harlem, Haiti, India, Uganda, and so many other cities and countries, a seed was planted.  Now living for the past twenty years in beautiful Plumas County, California my love, admiration, and sheer wonderment of the resilience of those living in rural communities has led me to this new road. 

Our dream is to bring rural communities together from around the world in order to build strong relationships with those who understand, struggle, and strive to grow and flourish without giving up or compromising all the values and gifts that come from living "rural".



Susan Weber
Executive Director, Rural to Rural


The Four Pillars of Rural to Rural.

Education through innovation.