Another Year for the Books.


Sure, we can help raise funds to begin a rabbit project for the students at Great Lake High School, in Kanugu, Uganda.  Of course we can work together to build pens and share ideas on how to raise rabbits for the much needed protein in the diets of said students.  We've been involved in 4-H and FFA (Future Farmers of America) for goodness sake.  Wait, what???  We need to pick up 70 rabbits in a four seat vehicle with no access to boxes, cages, etc.  Uhhhhh....of course we can do that.  This project has been a huge success with students, now raising enough rabbits to add much needed protein to their diets.



Always working on developing new ways for communities and schools to become self sustaining, and sharing the richness of the agriculture beauty in Plumas County and Kanungu, Uganda we purchased milking goats.  Milking goats are not common in Southern Uganda so we had them brought from the North.  Students from Plumas County taught the students at Great Lake High School how to milk for the purpose of making cheese and soap. We were deeply impressed on how quickly they were able to create pens for the goats. This upcoming trip we will be revisiting this project to help develop a business plan on being able to sell these products to help support students in their pursuit of an education.



One of the poorest areas we visited while in Uganda was a magical place known as Bwindi. There we met December, a member of the community who opened up his home to begin the only preschool in the area.  Students had the opportunity to spend time in the homes of the children he serves and were moved with the desire to help build a proper school.  We spent our time working with the community to understand their needs and help strategize if a school was built how it would be sustained.  This work has brought us to our upcoming trip and campaign. Raising funds to help bring this dream into reality.